Meet Ash

Ash's Animal Grooming was founded by Ash from her love dogs and her passion to make sure they were well looked after. Ash's Animal Grooming is a family built on love - a love for animals, a love for small business and a love for each and every client that walks through our doors. 

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Full Groom

Indulge your pooch and allow us to pamper them to the extreme. 

dished & tidy

Help reduce the amount of unwanted hair in your home and keep your pooch cool and comfortable all year round. 


For all puppies, no matter the breed. Let us introduce them to the sensations and sounds of grooming in a safe and comfortable environment. 


Warm baths all year round to keep your pooch feeling their best. 


Hand stripping keeps the dog's coat tidy and healthy, leaving it strong and shiny. 

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What people are saying

"Can't wait to come back"

"I dropped my puppy off at 7am and she came home wrecked and smelt so good! And omg she was white again! Which is hard when you go herding every week! I can't reccomend this business highly enough. We will be back next week for some more puppy fun."

"Second To None"

"True professionals with a love of dogs. They treat all the dogs as if they were their own and always have a positive attitude. Go out of their way to fit people in and customer service is second to none."

"The Best Treatment"

"We always take our Pug Winston in and even though he has sensitive skin, the staff at Ash's always have a wide range of products for all skin types so our little man always gets the best treatment, even if he does scream the shop down when his nails get clipped."